“Rich is a great all around musician. Chops, dynamics and a great knack for finding the perfect complimentary part.”

-Joel Hoekstra, Guitarist

(White Snake, Night Ranger, Rock of Ages)

“Rich is hands down the most versatile drummer I have ever played with.  He can shuffle and spang-a-lang with the best of them.”

-Aden Bubeck, Bassist

 (Miranda Lambert, Pistol Annies, Bertha Coolidge)

“Rich Stitzel. I know him to be not just a drummer but a great musician who has knowledge of several different styles of music. He has great time, a great feel and his performances are always stellar .”

-Khari Parker, Drummer

(Boz Scaggs, Destiny’s Child, Raphael Saadiq, Joss Stone, Ramsey Lewis)

“Rich Stitzel is a great musician that I’ve had the pleasure of making music with since 2002. A true team player, his skills on the drum set and percussion are highly sought after in Chicago for recordings and live performances.”

 -Chris Clemente, Bassist

(Harpo Productions, Jennifer Hudson, Kanye West, Umphreys McGee)

“Rich can be counted among very few drummers with the feel and talent of application that invoke the sense of oneness with his instrument as an extension of his mortal being responding to the moment in perfect harmony to create musical excellence.”

A.J. Mathieu, President

(Promethean Enclosures)

“Rich has always been a guy who listens to and is a part of each musical moment in which he is involved. He has a great feel and is open to any and all styles. His attention to the details of his sound makes him a valuable member of any group lucky enough to have him as a musical partner.”

-Gary Hobbs, Drummer

(Stan Kenton, Randy Brecker, New York Voices,  Woody Herman)


“Rich Stitzel is one of the most versatile, creative and musical drummers I’ve worked with… he is equally proficient at laying down a fat groove, building a jam, adding loops on the fly or laying back with some tasty percussion. He listens and plays what’s right for the song.”

 -Cathy Richardson, Lead Singer

(Jefferson Starship, Macrodots)


 “Rich has a luxurious groove that sits in the dough like a deluxe chocolate chip. he taught me everything i know, and some things i dont know…”

-Steve Misamore, Drummer

(Dierks Bentley)

“Rich Stitzel’s musicianship is a wonderful balance of fundamental depth and courageous inventiveness.  His warmth and engaging personality shine through every note he plays.”

Clay Jenkins, Trumpet

(Eastman School of Music, Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, Solo artist)


“It has been my extreme honor and privilege to work with Rich Stitzel in many different performance scenarios, both on stage and in the studio, over many years. And although he is a world-class drummer, his vision and voice transcend boundaries and I consider him a world class artist. His unique balance of rhythm and melodic journey color and inform his work with unlimited creativity.”

P.S. I wrote this on my veranda in Amsterdam.

 -Anne Harris, Violin & Singer

(Otis Taylor, Self)


 “Versatile and deeply soulful, Rich Stitzel is an amazing drummer who can swing, rock, get funky, play free, and do anything in between. Besides that, he’s one of the coolest cats you could ever get to know”

-Christian Howes, Violinist

(Les Paul Trio, Bill Evans’ Slamgrass, Richard Bona)


 “RICH is the most groove-solid cat I’ve played with all month!  HUGE GRATITUDE!  Love, love love yer pocket.  (and a beautiful vibe to go with it).”

 -Geoffrey Lowe, Bassist

(Buddy Rich Big Band, Ginger Baker, David Sanborn, Paul Wertico)

the earliest experience of drumming in 1972.


First drumset. 1974.

With Cathy Richardson in 2005.

With Crawl in 2006.

With Miranda Lambert in 2007.

With Dayna Mallow. 2011

Rich in 2012.

rich w/sparkle crav sd

Rich in 2014.




3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Nate

    So how did you clean all of that baby powder out of your Yamahas you used with Miranda? My DW’s are covered in it right now. The task looks daunting. Thanks!

    1. rich stitzel Post author

      I made Miranda clean them.
      Ha ha. Not really.
      She was coughing during the set that night because of it. I felt bad for her as everyone else was laughing at the joke they played on me. I think there’s still baby powder on that kit…

      1. Vance Van Donselaar

        Great pics and some good write ups. You should consider adding a H.O.R.D.E. Festival picture and having Brad Thompson or I write something. I like the fact that you pay attention to the nuances and subtleties of the music and are great at accenting these things as necessary. You really listen to what is going on. I have pics from that show, if interested. Thanks for including me on that. What a great experience!


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